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Framework construction and renovation

Aucamville, Balma, Blagnac, L’Union, Lectoure, Castelginest, Saint-Jean, and its surroundings.

The construction or the renovation of a framework requires professionalism.
Mack 3 Construction realizes for you, any type of frame. From the bone to the traditional frame and to the roof, we ensure quality work.

Traditional or modern framework?

We are authorized to realize different framework types:

The traditional framework : The current use of the traditional “wood frame” is mainly dedicated to the habitat, because it offers the opportunity of being able to use the attic. As such, it is necessary to install a dormer or roof window (snuffbox) for future lighting. The traditional “wood framework” also requires having a floor hourdi as ceiling. Its material, wood, has been used for millennia. It has made it possible to build a framework of remarkable buildings and to adapt to a various uses and projects. The species used are fir, oak, chestnut, spruce, douglas fir and pine.
When the support should be really strong, we also use glued laminated beams

The carpentry farmhouse : this frame is derived from a standardized American manufacturing method that prevailed in the 1950s. Unlike its predecessor the traditional “wood frame”, the farmhouse is produced industrially. The frame is composed of elements called roof trusse that are repeated to make a spacing, about every 60 to 90 centimeters. The woods of each roof trusse are assembled by connectors. These are toothed metal plates.

The principle of the farmhouse is to share the weight of the roof to the load-bearing walls through its trusses. The installation of this type of frame is quick. Manufacturers are striving to offer a good value for quality / resistance / price in order to be competitive. The farmhouse is used for individual houses as for agricultural or industrial buildings.

Wood is a noble material, natural, warm, friendly, pleasing to the touch, pleasant to breathe, it brings added value to the habitat. Ideal material, natural, ecological, it respects the environment.


Mack 3 Construction offers the construction, total or partial renovation of your framework. We offer solutions tailored to your budget, making the wood of your frame  resistant to the effects of weather.

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